Why study in New Zealand

New Zealand cityscape

Students from all around the world love studying in New Zealand. When you study abroad here you will experience friendly and diverse cultures, vibrant cities, beautiful landscapes and welcoming people. You can also look forward to a high-quality education, as the universities in New Zealand are ranked as some of the best in the world. When you study here you will gain qualifications that are recognised internationally.

Universities in New Zealand

New Zealand’s universities are highly ranked globally, offering high quality teaching and excellent study opportunities. Universities have modern facilities where research and innovation are key to encouraging inquiring minds. Universities often have a number of campuses with different facilities, academic buildings and services. For example, the University of Auckland has five main campuses.

The University of Auckland offers a university preparation programme delivered by Taylors College called the Foundation Studies Certificate.

Mikhael from Indonesia

"I think New Zealand is one of the best places to study. It's not just the universities academically, they have a nice environment and it doesn't really distract you from your studies."

Mikhael from Indonesia
Studied Auckland Foundation Year (now replaced by the Foundation Studies Certificate)
Now studying Bachelor of Business 


Teaching Environment – University of Auckland

Across English-speaking countries globally (Economist Intelligence Unit 2019)