Student studying in library

International study programmes

At Taylors College Auckland you will prepare for undergraduate success at the best university in New Zealand and a world top 100 university.

Studying University of Auckland’s Foundation Studies Certificate programme at Taylors College, just 10 minutes’ walk from the University, you will gain the academic and English skills you need for your degree.

From your first day you will have access to all the University’s facilities, while still feeling part of the campus at Taylors College. Choosing the Foundation Studies Certificate programme will help you adjust to life in New Zealand alongside other international students and help you gain confidence in your communication skills.

The College also offers an English Language Preparation course and Pre-Foundation Programme for international students who do not meet the English or academic language requirements for the Foundation Studies Certificate.

Courses at Taylors College Auckland have been specially designed for international students to make sure you receive the best start to your education in New Zealand.

(The Foundation Studies Certificate programme is owned by the University of Auckland and delivered by Taylors College. The Pre-Foundation programme is developed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and delivered by Study Group NZ Limited trading as Taylors College. The English Language Preparation course, developed by NZQA, is delivered by Study Group NZ Limited trading as Taylors College.)

Yee from Malaysia

"Studying in Taylors College provides a variety of subjects and knowledge that can help you and it's very close to the programme at the University. They also give you some kind of inspiration to help you realise what you really want to do."

Yee from Malaysia
Studied Auckland Foundation Year (now replaced by the Foundation Studies Certificate)