New Zealand education

Students in library at a university in New Zealand

Why choose to study higher education in New Zealand?

New Zealand has eight public universities that are all internationally recognised, with the University of Auckland ranked in the top 100 globally. Education in New Zealand is widely regarded as among the best in the world, so you can be sure you'll receive a great quality education.

Thousands of international students choose to study in New Zealand every year from many countries across the world. You'll find a friendly and diverse atmosphere at the University of Auckland, which was rated number 1 for Student Diversity in the Study Portals Global Student Satisfaction Awards 2019.

New Zealand universities have different specialisations according to the research conducted and subjects covered. Bachelor degree courses in New Zealand usually take three years. This means you can complete your degree in a shorter time than some other countries, like the United States.

The New Zealand education system

When you study at a New Zealand university, you will learn in groups, smaller tutorial classes, or on a one-to-one basis with your teacher. Depending on your course and university you may also have fieldwork or practical studies.

Teaching methods may include:

  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Tutorials
  • Practical work
  • Independent study

Most degrees at the University of Auckland are predominantly taught through lectures. Most lecturers also have office hours if students have additional questions or need support. 

Supporting international students

New Zealand welcomes more than 125,000 students from all over the world to study at institutions across the country. Making sure you feel supported, welcomed and valued in the community is an important part of delivering a high-quality education in New Zealand. That’s why the government has launched an International Student Wellbeing Strategy – the first country in the world to do so. It looks at enhancing student experience through pastoral care, safety, health and wellbeing and access to community events. At the University of Auckland there is a dedicated Wellbeing Team that offers advice, support and events such as Stress Less Week.

Critical thinking for the future

Education is about more than just presenting facts through lectures. New Zealand’s education system focuses on inquiry learning, a model that encourages students to ask thoughtful questions to further their understanding. Through self-directed assignments, group projects and collaborative learning you will form your own opinions and deepen your knowledge of a topic and how that relates to the world. This helps you develop skills valued by universities and employers such as critical thinking, teamwork and problem solving.

Your pathway to a highly ranked university

The Foundation Studies Certificate programme is your pathway to an undergraduate degree at the University of Auckland, a top 100 university in the world (QS World University Rankings). The programme, owned by the University of Auckland and delivered by Taylors College, prepares you for a wide range of degrees at the University.

Graduate employment opportunities

Auckland is the commercial capital of New Zealand which makes it a great place to work. New Zealand has a progressive approach to working rights for international students, offering opportunities for you to work during your studies, and apply for a three-year post-study work visa once you graduate from university. This can help you gain valuable work experience, improve your English language skills, and make new friends, as well as being a source of income. Find out more about working in New Zealand after you graduate.

When you study the Foundation Studies Certificate programme, staff at Taylors College Auckland will ensure you get the best start to your career with an integrated career development programme. Taylors College will provide you with a personal development plan to help you work towards your career goals, teach you how to write a resume/CV and provide you with volunteering opportunities.


University of Auckland is 1st for Global Diversity

(Global Student Satisfaction Awards 2019)

Lindsay Spedding - Principal, Taylors College Auckland

"We really tell students when they arrive here that they need to take responsibility for their own learning. You have to show that intellectual curiosity: the desire to think critically, to put your case forward, to argue it convincingly, to use your peers as a sounding board for your ideas. All of these things really are important in a University education, and those are the types of skills we try and impress upon them here."

Lindsay Spedding
Principal, Taylors College Auckland