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About your application and study

On this page you'll find answers to questions you might have about studying with, or applying to, Taylors College Auckland. If you can't find the answer you're looking for you can contact us

What does AFY stand for?

Auckland Foundation Year.

What is the minimum age limit to apply for AFY?

Students must be 16 years old to enrol.

What is the minimum age limit to enter the universities?

  • AUT: Minimum age when study begins: 16 for domestic students, 18 for international students (students can enter as long as they turn 18 during the first semester of study). Additional conditions apply for younger students - you can read about these on the AUT website.
  • Massey University: Students should be 16 years of age by the start of their study. Special permission for exceptionally able and mature students younger than 16 years of age may be granted by the Assistant Vice Chancellor (Academic and International) but this is very unusual. Prospective students and their parents or guardians should contact the University for further information.
  • The University of Auckland: You normally must have reached the age of 16 years by 31 December in the year preceding that in which admission is sought to be eligible for admission to the University of Auckland. For information on the criteria for consideration for applicants under the age of 16, see the University's guidance for underage applicants.

Can I enrol in AFY after completing Year 11 at high school in my home country?

We have academic entry requirements for each country. Find out more about the Admissions process.

What is the process if my English is less than IELTS 5.0?

If your IELTS score is 4.5 and you meet the academic entry requirements you will be able to enrol in the Pre-Foundation programme, a 22-23 week long programme which consists of three compulsory and two elective subjects. This course will help you prepare for academic study at Foundation level, and improve your English language skills.

Can New Zealand citizen and permanent residency holders enroll in the AFY programme? 

Yes. Universities New Zealand has approved that permanent residents (PR) and citizens can progress from the AFY programme to university. However, there are some entry requirements for domestic applicants. As well as the regular requirements, the student must be either be:

  • 18 years of age at the start of course or;
  • Have completed NCEA Level 3 (Year 13) at a NZ high school

Fees for domestic students are different than those from international students. Please contact us for the most up-to-date fees for domestic applicants.

Can Australian citizens enrol in the AFY?

Yes. Australian citizens and PR holders have the same rights as New Zealanders. See above for entry requirements.

Can I package my visa with the university degree?

No. In New Zealand this is not permitted. You need to change your visa for the university course. All universities have an online visa renewal service which is very quick, affordable, and easy so you can change your visa at the university campus.

If I am studying at a high school in New Zealand or another institution, is it easy to transfer to the AFY programme?

Yes. If you have good attendance (over 95%) and accept the AFY offer, we can help you transfer your visa to AFY through our online visa renewal service. This service is quicker and cheaper (NZD) than going directly to Immigration New Zealand.

Is there any other option if I am not able to meet the English requirements for the foundation programme?

The English Language Preparation Programme (ELP) is structured to prepare you for the Auckland Foundation Year. If you do not meet the English requirements for Foundation study, you should take the English Language Preparation Programme before the Foundation programme. The ELP is delivered in 12 week blocks with set start dates. However, you can enter ELP during a block (charged on a weekly basis) but this must be followed by a 12 week block. ELP cannot be studied for less than 12 weeks.

Can you issue a conditional offer based on exam result of Senior Year 2 (China)?


For tuition payment, how much do you charge when I confirm my offer? What are the instalment amounts?

For the most up-to-date information about fees and instalment dates, visit our Fees page.

Who are the key Admissions contacts for applications to Taylors College Auckland?

To apply directly to the AFY programme, complete the application form. If you have an enquiry about the application process, you can email our Admissions department directly:

What is the average class size?

We have small classes. The art class is the smallest, with between eight and 12 students, English is up to 20, and both Economics and Accounting have a maximum of 25 students in a class.

What time will I start and finish school? 

The time you start and finish depends on your individual timetable. You will study approximately five hours a day except Wednesday (classes in the morning or afternoon), with classes usually starting at 9.00am and finishing at 5.00pm.

Will I have a chance to visit universities?

Absolutely! During your year with us, you will become familiar with our partner universities by touring their campuses and attending lectures and university open days. Staff from each university visit Taylors College Auckland to talk to you about their courses and answer any other questions you may have. This first-hand experience will make it easier for you to decide which university you want to attend once your AFY programme is finished.

Can I change a subject or my timetable once I have started the AFY programme?

Requests will be individually assessed and are not guaranteed. We will, however, do our utmost to accommodate your request if possible to do so.

How many credits do students need to gain? 

Taylors College Auckland uses a scoring system. The AFY score includes the four elective subjects, with the maximum score being 400. In order to be accepted by each university partner, you will have to achieve an AFY score specific to the course you are aiming for at university, as well as the English level entry requirement.

See full entry requirements

Can I repeat the course if I don’t make the grade required for university admission?

Yes. We have a 20 week post-foundation programme. The Academic Director must approve your entry based on attendance and your motivation to study.

If I only need to repeat a few subjects in post-foundation, can I do that?

No. You will need to pass a minimum of four subjects as part of your Foundation course, for the purpose of your student visa.

Who teaches the course?

The AFY programme symbolises academic quality and on-going professional support – continuously demonstrated by our annual success rate.

All teachers are qualified with many years’ experience. Many of our teachers have been Heads of Departments, Senior Teachers, university lecturers and tutors, Deputy Principals and Principals at high schools before coming to teach at the Auckland Foundation Year program. In addition to that, personalised timetable, smaller tutorial sizes, online learning, and well-equipped facilities are provided.

Our staff are also highly skilled in dealing with the needs and requirements of international students.

Do other NZ and Australian universities recognise the Auckland Foundation Year?

Yes. The AFY prepares you to enter one of our three New Zealand partner universities – AUT University, Massey University and the University of Auckland – where you can successfully complete the undergraduate degree of your choice. As well as our three partner universities, all other universities in New Zealand and some Australian universities recognise the AFY qualification.

Can I progress to universities in UK, USA or other countries outside Australasia?

AFY students have progressed to institutions in the UK, USA, Europe, amongst others. We are happy to help by sending information to the university about our programme and a letter of recommendation for you.


What is the Code of Practice?

The Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 provides a framework for education providers to ensure a high standard of care and wellbeing is maintained for international students while they live and study in New Zealand. Education agents are also required to follow the Code.

Taylors College Auckland takes the Code of Practice very seriously and always follow the guidelines.

View the Code of Practice on the New Zealand government website. 

Why should I stay with a homestay family?

Homestay is the perfect option for students who want to experience New Zealand culture and lifestyle, and the security of home surroundings. You will benefit from a warm family environment by living with carefully selected hosts who are experienced in looking after overseas students. All hosts have been given police clearance, and their homes are inspected before students are placed there. 

Homestay involves staying in a private home as the paying guest of a host. In addition to being provided with meals, you will also receive your own room with a bed, wardrobe, desk, lamp and chair. A telephone and laundry are also available for you. 

You will travel between 40-60 minutes to school by public transport depending on the family’s location. If you’d like to ensure you are a little closer to campus then Homestay Central is a great choice for you.

What if I don’t like my homestay, can I change?

If you are unhappy in your homestay or have any issues, please come and talk to one of our Homestay Coordinators. They will talk through the issues with you and if needed contact the homestay family. If you are still not happy or the problem cannot be resolved we will of course change you to a new family. Many issues are minor and can be resolved by communication with the homestay family.

If you want to change or leave the homestay but have no good reason, you will have to give the family 17 days' notice.

As I am under 18 years of age do I have to stay in homestay arranged by Taylors College Auckland?

Yes, however if you have a relative or close family friend who lives in Auckland and you wish to arrange accommodation, an application with a completed Designated Caregiver (DCG) Nomination form, a copy of the DCG’s passport and a completed Police vetting consent form must be sent through to before your arrival. 

Taylors College Auckland has an obligation to meet the requirements in accordance with compliance of the Code of Practice. We prefer to contact your parents directly rather than your agent when we can. At times we do require the assistance and cooperation of the agent, as the school and agent have joint responsibilities for your wellbeing.

Can a student under 18 years of age stay in student residences?


How do I go about requesting accommodation?

Our enrolments officers will present you with all the options and pricing. You will then need to complete an Accommodation Booking Form.