Should I study a foundation programme?

09 September 2021
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A foundation programme at Taylors College Auckland is a great way to settle into a new education system and prepare for your degree at the University of Auckland. Completing a foundation studies programme will allow you to access university tuition and prepare you for studying at the next academic level. You will receive specialist support from dedicated staff as you improve your English proficiency and learn valuable study skills that will help you succeed.

What is a foundation programme?

Foundation programmes aim to prepare you for a university undergraduate degree. Completing a foundation programme will allow you obtain the academic qualifications and skills required to progress to your chosen degree. It will also be useful if you need to improve your English language proficiency. A foundation programme usually takes place over the course of one academic year and involves studying a selection of subject-specific modules. Successful completion of your Foundation Studies Programme at Taylor’s College Auckland guarantees progression to undergraduate degree course at the University of Auckland, a top 100 University *QS World University Rankings 2022.

Why study a foundation programme?

Prepare for degree study

Many international students decide to study a foundation programme to mentally prepare themselves for the first year of their degree. This year will give you time to familiarise yourself with your new subject of study and get to know the university and other students. A foundation programme can also bridge the gap if you don’t yet have the required qualifications to go straight into your dream undergraduate degree course.

Make new friends

Studying a foundation programme allows you to meet, socialise and work with other students. You’ll make friends from a range of backgrounds and cultures. These connections often lead to lifelong friendships and may also prove useful after graduation, when you are entering the world of work.

Progression to the University of Auckland

Successfully completing a foundation programme at Taylors College Auckland will allow you to progress to your chosen degree at the University of Auckland, ranked 85 in the QS University World Rankings, 2022.

Extra student support

Starting university study is a big step, but a foundation programme can provide the perfect opportunity to adjust to online university life with a strong support network around you. Dedicated staff will help you to settle in while you make friends and become accustomed to the new education system.

Why study a foundation programme online with a New Zealand university?

 New Zealand offers a high-quality education and the universities are well-ranked globally, meaning the qualifications that you gain will be internationally respected and recognised.

Studying a foundation programme in New Zealand

Studying the Foundation Studies Certificate programme at Taylors College will prepare you with the English and academic skills you need for your degree.

When you start your programme, you’ll be able to make the most of the University’s online facilities. The program will allow you to access support and prepare you – both academically and personally – to study your chosen degree.

Why study at Taylors College Auckland?

Tailored for international students

Our foundation programme is designed to address specific challenges that you may face as an international student, giving you the confidence to settle into your online studies. Our teaching staff have a wealth of experience in working with international students and will be able to support you with everything from academics to personal matters.

Improve your English language proficiency

If English is your second language, studying a degree course in English may be daunting. A foundation programme will contain modules dedicated to helping you improve your English language level. The whole course is taught in English, which will allow you to improve your skills and prepare for full degree study at University of Auckland and help you to communicate socially and in other areas of life. An Academic for English Purposes class will make sure you attain the required level of English in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Modules will also improve your academic writing, and presentation and collaboration skills, so you will be ready and prepared when you begin your degree.

Choosing the Foundation Studies Certificate programme will allow you settle into university life with other students from around the world who are studying online. Courses at Taylors College Auckland have been tailored for international students to ensure you have the best start to your New Zealand education.

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