5 benefits of studying a Bachelor of Commerce

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What is a Bachelor of Commerce?

A Bachelor of Commerce degree is an undergraduate business degree focusing on a wide range of skills, from economics and finance to marketing and management. You will be able to choose different modules and specialisms depending on your interests and career goals.

When you graduate, you could choose to work in a start-up, a non-profit organisation, or a global enterprise. You may also choose a job in finance or accounting, start your own business, or choose something else entirely. Study a degree in commerce and look forward to a varied, meaningful and rewarding career.

Why study a Bachelor of Commerce?

There are many reasons to study a commerce degree, from the transferrable skills you will learn, to the people you will meet and network with along the way.

Develop key business skills

There are many skills that you will need for a career in business and commerce and you will work on these over the course of your degree. Communication is absolutely key for starting and maintaining profitable relationships, presenting winning pitches and drafting proposals. You will also learn to work in a team, putting your ideas forward coherently and dealing with differing opinions. Project management is something else you will work on, solving problems and prioritising to deliver services on budget and on time. Other skills you will develop include:

  • An understanding of economics and how markets affect a business
  • Numeracy and the ability to interpret financial data
  • Analytical and critical thinking


Many – if not all – of the skills previously mentioned are highly transferrable and useful in almost any job. If you can manage your time well, communicate effectively, and work as part of a team, you will be in demand by employers in a range of industries, such as:

  • Accounting
  • Consultancy
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Law
  • Management
  • Marketing and advertising

An introduction to the business world

Gain insight into the world of business and commerce from experienced lecturers and tutors with practical experience and industry roles. You may also get the opportunity to learn from guest speakers and/or to undertake work experience.  

Be your own boss

Your degree will help you gain knowledge of financial management and accounting so that you feel confident and equipped to start your own business. You may be creative and have the best business idea in the world, but it will be greatly enhanced by knowing how to market your product. A degree in commerce is also a chance to network and share ideas with like-minded individuals. Who knows, you may even meet a future business partner!

Learn about multiple disciplines

Commerce is a wide subject, focusing on areas including economics, accounting, finance, human resource management, entrepreneurship and supply chain management. You’ll be able to tailor your learning to what interests you most.

Why study in Auckland, New Zealand?

New Zealand degrees are globally recognised and a qualification from the University of Auckland will help you stand out from the crowd. The University is ranked in the world top 100 (QS World University Rankings), recognised for its teaching excellence and academic research.

The University of Auckland also offers professional experience and study abroad opportunities so that you can gain valuable first-hand knowledge of your chosen industry.

Your pathway to a commerce degree at the University of Auckland

The Foundation Studies Certificate programme, delivered by Taylors College Auckland, centres on preparing international students for success at university. You will benefit from a combination of English language practice, subject-specific teaching and the chance to perfect your study skills. After you successfully complete the Foundation Studies Certificate with Taylors College Auckland, you will be ready to progress to your chosen undergraduate degree at the University of Auckland.

Frequently asked questions

Is a Bachelor of Commerce a good degree?

Studying a Bachelor of Commerce degree is a great idea if you want to develop a wide range of business skills in order to have a strong understanding and appreciation of business. By studying different aspects of business, you will be able to work more seamlessly with other professionals in the future. A Bachelor of Commerce degree from a university will help you develop these key business skills which are sure to impress employers.

Which field is best in Bachelor of Commerce?

The benefit of a Bachelor of Commerce degree is how versatile it is. By offering the study of multiple different aspects of business, you can spend time finding the right field for you. All the fields of study included in a Bachelor of Commerce degree are sure to help you find employment, so it is important to pick a field that genuinely interests you.

How long does it take to study Bachelor of Commerce?

Studying a Bachelor of Commerce degree at a New Zealand university, such as the University of Auckland, typically takes three years of university study.