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We are always happy to answer your questions about programmes available and what it's like studying in New Zealand. On this page you’ll find answers to questions you might have about studying at Taylors College Auckland. If you still have questions, contact us via our enquiry form.

Frequently asked questions

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  • What programmes are available?

    Taylors College Auckland teaches the University of Auckland’s Foundation Studies Certificate programme on behalf of the University of Auckland. There are also additional courses if you don’t quite meet the entry requirements.

    Foundation Studies Certificate

    The University of Auckland’s Foundation Studies Certificate programme will develop your English language, study skills and academic knowledge needed for entry to an undergraduate degree at the University of Auckland.

    Pre-Foundation programme

    This Pre-Foundation programme is available if you need a longer introduction to key academic subjects and the English language, helping you reach the required level to join the Foundation Studies Certificate programme.

    This programme, developed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) is delivered by Study Group NZ Limited, trading as Taylors College.

    English Language Preparation course

    If you do not meet the English language requirements to study the Foundation Studies Certificate programme, you can apply for the English Language Preparation course.

    This course, developed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) is delivered by Study Group NZ Limited, trading as Taylors College.

  • Do other universities recognise the Foundation Studies Certificate?

    Yes. The Foundation Studies Certificate programme provides progression to the University of Auckland, once successfully completed. Alternatively you can choose to apply to all other universities in New Zealand, including AUT University and Massey University, for an undergraduate degree of your choice.

  • What are the entry requirements?

    If you would like to study at Taylors College Auckland, you will need to meet the English language and academic entry requirements.

  • What are the teaching methods?

    You will study approximately five hours a day except Wednesday and weekends, with classes scheduled between 9.00am and 5.00pm. Learning is mostly in the classroom, as well as through assignments and support from your personal tutor.

    Teachers are qualified with many years’ experience. Many of the teachers at Taylors College have been heads of departments, senior teachers, university lecturers, deputy principals and principals at high schools before coming to teach at Taylors College. They are also highly skilled in supporting the needs of international students.

  • Who teaches the course?

    The Foundation Studies Certificate programme is owned by the University of Auckland and taught by Taylors College in Auckland on the Taylors College campus, which is located just a short walk away from the University.

    The Pre-Foundation programme is developed by NZQA and delivered by Study Group NZ Limited, trading as Taylors College.

    The English Language Preparation course is developed by NZQA and delivered by Study Group NZ Limited, trading as Taylors College. Both the Pre-Foundation programme and the English Language Preparation course are taught at Taylors College.

  • What is the average class size?

    Classes are small, with a maximum of 25 students.


  • What age should I be?

    Students must be at least 16 years old to enrol at Taylors College Auckland.

    To enter the University of Auckland, you normally must have reached the age of 16 by 31 December the year before you wish to start your course. For more information, see the University's guidance for underage applicants.

  • Can New Zealand or Australian citizen and permanent residency holders enrol?

    Yes. Universities New Zealand has approved that permanent residents and citizens can progress from the programme to university. However, there are some entry requirements for domestic applicants. As well as the regular requirements, the student must be either be:

    • 18 years of age at the start of course or;
    • have completed NCEA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) Level 3 (Year 13) at a NZ high school.

    Fees for domestic students are different than those for international students. Please contact Taylors College for the most up-to-date fees for domestic applicants.

  • If I am studying at a high school or another institution in New Zealand, is it easy to transfer to the Foundation Studies Certificate? 

    Yes. If you have good attendance (over 95%) and accept the Foundation Studies Certificate programme offer, we can help you transfer your visa to the programme through our online visa renewal service. This service is quicker and cheaper (NZD) than going directly to Immigration New Zealand.

  • Can I receive a full offer based on exam results of Senior Year 2 (China)?

    Yes, provided that you also meet the English entry requirement.


  • How much does it cost to study?

    When considering studying in New Zealand, you need to consider the tuition fees and accommodation costs, as well as your living costs. There are no scholarships available.

  • How much does accommodation cost?

    Accommodation fees vary according to the length of stay and which residence you choose.


  • What accommodation is available?

    While you’re studying at Taylors College Auckland, you can choose to live in student residences or homestay. Alternatively you can choose to live in independent housing with friends if you are over the age of 18.

    If you are under 18 years of age you will need to live in homestay accommodation arranged by Taylors College Auckland. If you have a relative or close family friend who lives in Auckland you wish to stay with instead, you will need to request this by sending us a Designated Caregiver Nomination form. You will not be allowed to stay with your Designated Caregiver unless they are approved prior to your arrival.

    Find out more about accommodation options.

  • When can I book accommodation?

    You can book your accommodation once you have accepted your offer of a place.

  • How do I book accommodation?

    Our student enrolment advisors will present you with all the options and pricing. You will then need to complete an accommodation booking form.

  • What is the Code of Practice?

    The Code of Practice is a legislative instrument providing requirements that education providers enrolling international students must abide by.

    For more information, please visit


  • Do I need a visa to study in New Zealand?

    Yes, you will need a current student visa to study in New Zealand. Find more information on the visa process

  • Can I package my visa with my degree? 

    Yes. You may apply for a Pathway Visa with the University of Auckland. Taylors College can facilitate your application for this visa type. Pathway visa allows you to undertake up to three programmes on a single visa. For example, English Language Preparation, Foundation Studies Certificate, and an undergraduate degree at the University of Auckland. This visa will be valid for up to a maximum of five years*. Find out more about pathway visas.

    * The Pathway Student Visa will become permanent from January 2021 and the pilot project will continue until then. Learn more about this here.

  • How do I apply for a visa?

    First you need to apply and receive an offer to study your programme with Taylors College, and pay your tuition fees. You can then submit your visa application form supporting documents and fees to your education agent or direct to Immigration New Zealand in your country. Find out more about student visas.

  • When should I apply for a visa?

    Apply for your visa once you have accepted your offer of a place and paid your fees. Make sure to start your application as soon as possible, giving enough time to be processed before you need to travel to New Zealand.

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